Learn how G Suite tools can help you equip your students
with the skills they will need in a future workforce.

The Noteworthy Details

  • It's a 6 part webinar series held over a 6 week period.
  • Starting time: 4:00pm - 5:30pm AEST each Tuesday.
  • We encourage you to attend the whole series and to implement your learning between each webinar to get the most value from this series.
  • Each webinar is 90 minutes long. From week 2 onward, the first 15 minutes will be an optional open Q&A so that you can get assistance with implementing your learning.
  • Attend all 6 webinars and you will receive a 12 month subscription for UTB's Learn On Demand courses valued at $588.
  • All webinars will be recorded and sent directly to you.

Join us and register for the Datacom Google for
Education series running across 6 weeks

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Webinar Series - Session Topics


 Tuesday 4th of August / 4:00pm-5:30pm AEST:

 Skill level: Beginner

First Session: Getting Started with Google for Education

Presenters: Donna Golightly & Lara Kirk

 Confused about Google, G Suite and how it all works? In this session we’ll take a step back to explain to you (in ways that you will understand and relate to!) what cloud based computing is, why it’s awesome and how you can make the most of it for your own efficiency and creativity. Google Drive is the hub of your G Suite space in the cloud and having a really good understanding of this space, and sharing settings, will enable you to work in the cloud competently and confidently. 


 Tuesday 11th of August / 4:00pm-5:30pm AEST:

 Skill level: Beginner

Second Session: So you thought you knew Google for Education

Presenters: Paul Hamilton & Donna Golightly

 Have you been skimming the surface of the key G Suite tools? Are you ready to discover features of Docs, Slides and Sheets that you may have overlooked. See why Paul and Donna think these three tools are a game changer in education. 


 Tuesday 18th of August / 4:00pm-5:30pm AEST:

 Skill level: Intermediate

Third Session: Getting Creative with Google for Education tools

Presenters: Donna Golightly & Lara Kirk

 Are you ready to express yourself and showcase some flair in G Suite? This session will show you how you and your students can access and engage with some powerful tools to explore your creative side. Bring things to life with dynamic, interactive multimedia outcomes. Create animations with ease and explore the world in a way that will inspire and engage you.


 Tuesday 25th of August / 4:00pm-5:30pm AEST:

 Skill level: Intermediate

Fourth Session: Building collaboration and feedback skills using Google for Education tools

Presenters: Paul Hamilton & Lara Kirk

The internet was made for sharing - and that’s just what we’ll do! Collaboration and communication are vital skills which you can easily foster with the support of G Suite tools. See the real power behind commenting, shared files and the amazing feedback features in Google Classroom.


 Tuesday 1st of September / 4:00pm-5:30pm AEST:

 Skill level: Semi-Advanced

Fifth Session: Using G Suite to support the development of problem solving skills

Presenters: Paul Hamilton & Lara Kirk

Have you ever noticed your students giving up when faced with difficult tasks? Building problem solving and resilience skills through the use of technology is one way to engage and motivate your students. We'll show you how you can incorporate incredibly fun, interactive and meaningful tools into your programme that your students will not want to stop working on! Computational thinking, design thinking, gamification and more!


 Tuesday 8th of September / 4:00pm-5:30pm AEST:

 Skill level: Advanced

Sixth and Final Session: How to foster critical thinking using G Suite tools

Presenters: Donna Golightly & Lara Kirk

How do your students know how to find relevant information and then decide if what they have found is reliable? We have instant access to incredible resources with the click of a few keys, some of this is accurate, much of it is not.

With fake news stories, deep fake videos and social media, it is vital that your students (and you) are equipped with strategies and skills to help filter through this information, critique, analyse and apply it in meaningful ways. We’ll take a look at resources that you can access to support you with this. 

* Please register with your school email 📧

Meet your Trainers
Donna Golightly

After more than 30 years of classroom teaching, many in management positions, Donna is now a full time trainer with UTB. She has been involved in leading the implementation of digital technologies into schools and developing digital fluency with both staff and students.

She is an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator and a Certified Google Trainer.

Paul Hamilton

Paul is an experienced classroom teacher, speaker and trainer. Paul always has the student front and center when public speaking or training educators with the effective use of technology.

Paul's strength lies in strategic planning, 1:1 environment, creativity, design thinking, immersive and emerging technologies, and all things Apple

Lara Kirk

Lara gets pretty excited about the transformative power of tech in education!

Be careful what you ask her... there's a good chance you'll get caught up in her passion and enthusiasm! Lara has over 15 years of experience in education, in New Zealand and abroad. She is an accredited Facilitator and Google Certified Trainer.