Creating Self Grading Assessments

**An updated version of this post is available here. In the new post, learn how to create self-grading quizzes using Google Forms’ in-built quizzes feature.**

I’m speaking at the Google Apps for Education Summit in Sydney today.  One of the Sessions I led was on to create self grading assessments using Google forms.

Google forms and self grading assessments are great for two reasons:

Firstly, they can save you lots of time (what teacher wouldn’t like that?)

Secondly, (and more importantly), self grading assessments are a fantastic way to give your students immediate feedback and demonstrate their progress.  This leads to increased intrinsic motivation.

Below is a seven minute video that shows you step by step how to create the self grading assessments.

This is a video I created for the Woodham teach meet in the U.K late in 2012.  I have included a summary below the video.

0:15 – What you need to get started

0:55 – How to create your self grading assessment

1:15 – Where to type your question

1:30 – How to add answers

1:45 – What does ‘required question’ mean?

2:00 – How to use the duplicate questions to save time

2:46 – How to add more questions to your self grading assessment

3:00 – A reminder – it is not just about the technology – it is about student engagement through feedback

3:15 – How to add a theme to your self grading assessment

3:45 – How to embed your self grading assessment into a class blog etc

4:40 – The link between a form and a spreadsheet

5:15 – Inserting the script (Flubaroo) into your spreadsheet

5:50 – How to grade the self grading assessment

6:30 – How to read the results

7:15 – I mention that if the students spell the answer incorrectly wrong they will get it wrong (when using text based answers).  There has been an update in Flubaroo since I recorded the video which allows you to give multiple answers to Google to consider.

To do this, when you are writing your answers simply place %or between the options and Flubaroo will mark the answer as being correct so long as one of the student submissions matches one of the options you have entered into your results.

For example, this is what one of your answers might look like:

colour %or color

In this case so long as the student writes either one of these words they will be marked as correct.


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