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28 May 2012

YouTube EDU is an educational initiative featuring more than 700,000 educational videos. It incorporates the old YouTube for Teachers channel, which was put together by a group of teachers who Google paid to watch and categorise each video according to subject and schooling stage (e.g. elementary maths).

YouTube EDU channelBecause each of the videos has been watched by a teacher, you can have a greater level of confidence that the video is appropriate for viewing in school.

What I love most about YouTube EDU:

1. It saves me lots of time

YouTube EDU saves me lots of time because rather than trying to find a video amongst the millions of videos on YouTube, I can go to the year level and subject that I am teaching and find videos that are relevant to the age of my students.

2.  Most of the videos are good quality

I have found that most of the videos have been of a high quality, both in content and production.


Are there any YouTube channels you have subscribed to or found to be of use in the classroom?

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