Save to Google feature and how to use it

11 May 2016
Save to Google: how to Tag and sort saved pages in Google

Google have recently released a new feature called Save to Google.  This tool combines the power of bookmarks with the ability to save your images and store everything in one place.

Everything you save lives at

Here are 3 ways to use Save to Google:

1. Save any webpage

To save web pages, you need to use the Save to Google Chrome extension.  You can get this from the Chrome Web Store HERE.

Once installed, when you are on a website that you want to save, just click the Save to Google extension, add tags if you like and you are done.


Save to google chrome extension: Save any page in Google


2. Save your Google image searches

When you are searching for images in Google you will see 2 new buttons.  Save and View saves.

When you click on an image, you no longer need to download it and keep it for later. Simply save it and come back to it at any time.


Save to Google: Saving an image in Google images

3. View, tag and sort your webpages and images

You can view your saved webpages and images from both the Chrome extension and from the View Saved button in a Google image search.


Save to Google - viewing saved images in Google image search page


From here, you can sort your saves via tags (see arrow B below) or use the search feature.  You can always add tags to your saves by clicking on the image or page (see A below).


Save to Google: how to Tag and sort saved pages in Google


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