• E-Learning Conversation: Formative Assessment with Chris Harte

    In this E-Learning Conversation, we talk with Chris Harte from John Monash Science School about his work on improving the way in which teachers give feedback and feedforward. There is an audio version and a transcription coming, but below you will find the recording of the video and the show notes. The next conversation will […]

  • Add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets

    Yesterday, Google released a new feature for Google Drive called add-ons. Once you open up a Google Doc and click add-ons; and select an add-on, that add-on will appear across all your documents in your drive folder. There are some interesting add-ons already available. Here are two screen captures from the template gallery add-on:

  • Student Data Security & Google Apps For Education

    There have been a few articles in the media lately about Google’s use of student data and whether they mine data from their Google Apps for Education accounts. I have put together a few resources and links below to help you answer questions from teachers, parents and students.

  • E-Learning Conversation: Suan Yeo from Google

    In this E-Learning Conversation we speak with Suan Yeo from Google. We dig into a culture of learning, Talk about what changes are coming for Google Apps for education, security of data and a whole lot more.  Video & Resources:

  • How to use Commenting In A Google Doc To Encourage Collaboration

    This short video shows you how to use commenting in a Google Doc to encourage collaboration. VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS 0:18 The 3-Rs of Collaboration 0:52 How to insert a Comment in Google Docs 2:04 How to manage your notifications

  • The 3 R’s of Collaboration

    One of the reasons I love Google Docs is that Google Docs easily creates a secure environment for collaboration to take place. Download your 3 R’s of collaboration poster. [Click to Share this poster on Twitter] But here is the problem:

  • Google Plus Hangout: How to easily Use the New Google Apps Admin Dashboard

    Yesterday, Blake Seufert & myself hosted the first of our new fortnightly E-Learning hangouts.  It was great to have 227 people register from 22 countries. The purpose of these Google Plus Hangouts will be to have conversations with experts on different topics relating to pedagogy and technology.  Our tag line is ‘where pedagogy & technology […]

  • Google Now Voice Commands And Their Affect On The Classroom

    Go back a few years, and the need to remember facts, figures and formulas was of great value to people. If you didn’t know how to find the area of a triangle, or the symbol of sodium, you would need to stop what you were doing, go and look up the formula or figure in […]


Are you at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level? This skills checklist will help you find out.



Are you at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level? This skills checklist will help you find out.

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