One Of My Favourite Quotes

29 July 2013


You could be standing in the midst of greatness…

One of my favourite quotes is:

Individuals from this generation will surface as leaders in every field.  During this lifetime the future will be shaped by someone – no one knows who it is going to be – so you may as well throw your hat in the ring and say “it may as well be me!”

Right now in one of your classes might be the person that finds the cure for cancer, discovers life on another planet, brings world leaders together to solve a crisis.


Maybe it’s not as dramatic as that.  

Maybe you are a biology teacher and your love for the human body is transferred to your students who go on to become nurses and doctors.

Maybe you are an English teacher (or a teacher of the language of your country) and your love of books and reading inspires a new mother or father to transfer the love of books and reading to their children.

Either way, you get to shape the lives of adults (not just children and youth)


Set yourself the task of instilling the values of the above quote in your students.

Greatness comes in many shapes and forms.

The point isn’t to teach your students how to be great.  When you do this, you are in danger of limiting their creativity and forcing them into your mindset.

It would be far better to foster the belief in them that they can be great.

What you are doing as a teacher matters, not just today, but for the rest of that persons life.

Here are some other great quotes for teachers

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