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3 Ways Microsoft Forms Can Save You Time

Want to spend more time living and less time working? There is nothing more valuable to a teacher than time so here are 3 ways where you can use Microsoft Forms to save some. Self-marking quizzes  The number 1 stop for checking student knowledge and understanding. Creating a self-marking quiz is great as not only

Setting up your Microsoft Class Teams for 2023

4 steps to getting your 2023 Class Team set up in the blink of an eye The end of the school year is looming and you are keenly aware that you don’t want to spend your summer holidays setting up for the new school year. We’ve all been there so follow these 4 steps to

4 Ways to Give Feedback using Teams Assignments

Create engaging feedback your students will actually use using Teams  Digital platforms have transformed how we share information with our students about their learning. Previously we were limited to text-based methods of providing insight for our students to close the performance gap. Microsoft Class Teams have powered up our options and changed the game for

How to Set Up the New Home Page in Microsoft Class Teams

Latest update for Microsoft Teams: If you’ve seen the home page pop up in your Class Team but have no idea what it is, wonder no more! Housed in SharePoint, the Class home page acts as a landing spot that teachers can utilise to highlight important information as well as direct students to learning tasks as

Curriculum Mapping Part III

Our trainers are asked frequently if we have a curriculum map linking Digital Technologies to other curriculum areas, across age groups and levels. The answer is yes, but not for you! Curriculum Mapping needs to be aligned with school wide strategy, values, community and more. There is no one size fits all. In order to create a meaningful, useful, relevant map that serves your learners many things must be considered. This blog series explores how you can do just that.

How to Make Your Class Team a One-Stop Shop

Handy Hacks to Harness the Power of Teams for Education Microsoft Teams for Education offers a wealth of incredible features with their Class Teams product. With so many great features thought it can be overwhelming. Get the lowdown on when to use what so that you can optimise opportunities for learning and improve your workflow.

Get Started with Chrome Extensions

If you’ve ever wanted a variety of tools and functionality at your fingertips, Chrome extensions allow you to do just that without having to leave your Chrome browser. Chrome extensions are great for personalising your browser, enhancing your experience and streamlining your workload. If you haven’t tried them, read on to find out why they’ll

How to Take Back Control of Your Kids’ Devices

You may have your device access sorted in the classroom, but feel like you have lost control of the devices in your household or know parents who feel this way. Here are some tricks that gave me back control of the devices in my home and restored my sanity. Step-by-Step Instructions The type of devices

How to Quickly Edit Microsoft Office Attachments from Gmail

For Google users the labour-intensive download/upload process of editing Microsoft email attachments within their native Office apps is wasting precious time. Use this simple, quick tip so you’ll never have to leave your Google account to save Microsoft attachments. Even if you’re a die-hard Google fan in a team of Google Drive lovers, the reality

Minecraft Innovative Formative Assessment Practices: Part II

Getting your students engaged can often be an uphill battle. But Minecraft is a surefire way to get them riveted. In Minecraft Innovative Assessment Practices: Part I we explored three in-game assessment tools (1 Camera, Portfolio, and the Book & Quill 2 Chalkboards and 3 Non-Player Characters) that can help you gain a deeper insight

Minecraft Innovative Assessment Practices: Part I

It can be a constant struggle to find ways to engage your students while you assess their learning. But we all know that just saying the M word (Minecraft) in a classroom sparks unprecedented excitement in students no matter their age or stage. Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and

3 Microsoft Tools to Hook Students on Creativity

With more digital tools to choose from than ever before, it can be challenging to know what to focus on. Before you go looking for something shiny and new, it’s worth checking out the tools on offer in the platform you are already using. Often there will be seamless integrations and updates that you might

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