Author: Richard Campbell

Creating Authentic Cross-Curricular Learning with Spheros

Boost student engagement with fun activities using Spheros, all while teaching your class a bunch of vital skills across a range of subjects. I’ve been working with Spheros as part of STEAM training in schools lately. Although I’ve used Spheros

UTB eNews NZ: Feb 2022

As schools welcome students back from the summer break amidst the uncertainty of a new variant that’s emerged, it is a challenging time for both teachers and school management. Now more than ever, it’s important to ask for the support

How to Use Kahoot Inside Google Classroom

For years a Kahoot challenge was one of the most beloved activities in my class. It would always be followed by squeals of delight. Kahoots are a great place to foster cooperation and teamwork, along with friendly competition, learning how

How to Cross the Cultural Divide with Google Translate

While diversity brings depth and richness to our classrooms it can sometimes be a challenge to break through communication barriers with both students and parents. Google Translate is one of those amazing tools that enables us to communicate effectively in

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