Author: Rachel Lelieveld

Create a Classroom in Canva with these easy steps

Are you looking at using Canva for Education in the classroom but unsure where to begin? Ever wished for a more engaging and organised online learning space? In this blog I’ll go over how you can create a classroom in Canva with some handy tips and tricks for making sure you get the most out

Three Ways to Use Canva at the Start of the Year

Are you looking for some creative ways to get to know your students this year? Well, look no further; these 3 ways to use Canva at the start of the year will spark creativity, are easy to plan for, and are great ways to get to know your students. Digital Self Portraits My favourite update

Enhance your use of the iPad by using these accessibility features

Are you looking to boost productivity and accessibility with your iPad or iPhone for your business or educational needs? Have you struggled with tiny text or wished for more convenient ways to interact with your device? Maybe you know someone with low vision or a hearing impairment who needs more support? Apple has some great

Empowering Employee Productivity: Navigating the Tech Training Terrain

Empowering Employee Productivity

In today’s rapidly evolving world, keeping pace with technological advancements is paramount, and HR professionals are pivotal in this journey. However, organising practical technology training for your employees can be complex. Worry not; I’m here to guide you through it! This comprehensive blog post will explore strategies backed by LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report data and

Practice Set Updates You Need To Know About

Practice Sets just got some upgrades you’ll want to check out!  If you have not already been using Practice sets in Google Classroom, I highly encourage you to check them out! Practice Sets are a tool that you can use to transform any content you have been teaching into an interactive assignment. It saves you

The Google Presentation Extension you will Love!

The Google Presentation Extension you will love! Are you tired of struggling with your computer or walking back and forth to click through your Google Slides presentations? Well, struggle no more! With the assistance of the Google Extension ‘Remote for Slides’, you can convert your phone into a powerful clicker to effortlessly control your presentation.

Transform Your Teaching with Curipod: The Ultimate AI Tool for Educators

Jumpstart Your Knowledge of Curipod: Tips and Tricks  Curipod is a relatively new platform that allows users to create and share interactive educational content with the added addition of AI. The tools is quite similar to Nearpod and Pear Deck as it has interactivity features which allow students to interact with the presentation. Students can access the

Easy STEAM Integration for Your Classroom: Tips and Resources

Do you ever feel like you are not covering enough material content in the week? It can be frustrating to look back and realise you did not focus enough on certain areas of the curriculum. Fortunately, there is a solution: STEAM, the transdisciplinary approach. By incorporating authentic inquiry teaching into your practice through Science, Technology,

Great Ways to Use Nearpod at the Start of the Year

Nearpod Orientation  A great starting point for Nearpod in the classroom is to allow students to get hands on with the tool. This can be done as a whole class session or independently. I recommend this lesson being completed live in the whole class or within small group sessions. There are many pre-made orientation lessons

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