Author: Karina Robson

Embrace the Flexibility of Microsoft Sway

Want a webpage, a newsletter and a presentation all in one? Let me introduce you to Microsoft Sway.  Microsoft Sway is, in my opinion, one of the most under-utilised apps in the M354 suite. Allow me to showcase how this fantastic tool can be used to create and share content online. What is Sway?  Now,

Creative Collaboration using Templates in Whiteboard

Level up collaboration using templates in Microsoft Whiteboard  Looking to enhance collaboration across your team? Microsoft Whiteboard can streamline your workflow and encourage greater creativity.  What is Whiteboard?  In this blog, I want to chat about a nifty little tool that can seriously up your collaboration game: Microsoft Whiteboard. If you haven’t heard of it,

Capturing Student Voice Using Screen Recorder on iPad

Looking to capture student voice? Gather feedback or get students to explain their learning? The screen recorder on iPad has got you covered!  In this article, I’m going to spill the beans on a super handy feature that’ll make your recording students in class a whole lot easier: the screen recorder on your iPad. But

The Power of Insights in Class Teams

Wondering why so many schools are moving to Microsoft Teams? One reason is the Insights tool, let me explain why.  Are you looking for a tool that can help you keep track of your students’ progress and engagement in your class? Well, look no further than the Insights tool within Microsoft Teams! Let me break

3 Ways to Use Immersive Reader to Support Students in Your Class

Using Immersive Reader to help students support themselves All teachers want to support the students in their class to be the best they canbe… it is why we choose to teach! What if we can empower our students tosupport themselves? With Immersive Reader we can! As teachers, we are always looking for ways to support

Grab Amazing, Real-life Visual Prompts from

Check out these striking visual prompts from Gapminder  Looking for ways to grab the attention of your students? Need a real-world context to frame learning? Dollar Street from has tons of photos and videos from around the world which will get your students frothing! Some ideas and ready made resources are available too!  What

3 Ways Microsoft Forms Can Save You Time

Want to spend more time living and less time working? There is nothing more valuable to a teacher than time so here are 3 ways where you can use Microsoft Forms to save some. Self-marking quizzes  The number 1 stop for checking student knowledge and understanding. Creating a self-marking quiz is great as not only

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