Author: Donna Golightly

UTB eNews NZ: Dec 2021

Even if 2021 didn’t quite turn out to be the year we all hoped for, we made it through! With all the disruptions and lengthy lockdowns for some, you have continued to do your best for your students and your

UTB eNews NZ: Nov 2021

In the fast paced world of tech where new developments seem to happen at breakneck speed, it can be a little daunting when you feel like you’re falling behind. Keeping up to date with platform and App updates on top

UTB eNews NZ: Oct 2021

Spring is here and after these school holidays, we’ll be on the homeward stretch to Christmas! With the country in lockdown over the past month or so our trainers have been busy! To ease the load and seize the opportunity

UTB eNews NZ: Sep 2021

This month we continue to share our top tips, tricks, tools and resources that are bound to engage students and make you more efficient and creative in and out of the classroom. Content Overview   1 Tech Tools for Teachers:

UTB eNews NZ: Aug 2021

Reflecting, evolving and innovating to create an even better experience for our teachers and their students is at the heart of why we exist. When we first created our newsletter back in 2018 it was jam-packed with useful tips, tricks

Screen Recordings: 3 Good Reasons You Should be Using Them

Over the past year education methods have undergone a radical transformation thanks to Covid. Overnight (quite literally!), many teachers were forced to radically change the way they delivered the curriculum.  Without the luxury of face to face contact, teachers had

How to maintain best practice when teaching remotely

The nature of education is a continually changing landscape and over the years the way it has been delivered should be altering significantly. Sometimes these changes are driven by education research and sometimes they are driven by societal or business influences. Currently many schools across the world are facing a marked shift in how they deliver their curriculums – what makes for best practice when teaching remotely?

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