Apple Training Term 1 2022

Get your teachers up to speed in Term 1 of 2022 so they can hit the ground running come Term 2 of 2022 armed with the confidence to use Apple tools in the classroom.

Cast your vote now for your choice of Apple PD for your teachers in Term 1, 2022.

Rank each of the four Apple PD training options according to your interest:

How to Rank Your Choices

Show your preferences for each of the 4 options by ranking them from 1-4 (using a different number for each option).

1 = Totally Interested!

2 = A close second

3 = Maybe next time

4 = Not at all

1. Authentic Learning with Augmented Reality

Connect the physical with the digital world for an authentic learning experience for your students with AR.

2. iPad Classroom Essentials

Master the fundamental iPad tools that will help you and your students excel in the classroom.

3. Apple Arsenal Boot Camp

Empower your students to push the creative boundaries and develop their imaginations with Apple’s effective toolkit.

4. Apple Accessibility Tools

Make learning accessible for all your students with live text, dictation, voiceover, settings for non-speakers, and much more.


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