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How to use Teacher Dashboard by Hapara and Google Classroom together

What our clients say about us

Thank you Mike! I really found the 4 week course on ‘How to Motivate, Manage & Engage Your Students’ really interesting and great food for thought on how to improve my class routines and student engagement. I look forward to the next sessions with the technology course.

Kiki TsoliBankstown Senior College

Just replayed last week’s session and enjoyed it just as much second time around. This is a great facility!

Where was this kind of training when I did my Bachelor of teaching???

Ken SullivanSunning Hill School
(Juvenile Correctional Centre)

I just wanted to say an extra big thank you for providing such a great service. Online, at night and in the comfort of home – with my two young children asleep in the other room – pretty awesome actually. It was very engaging and entertaining.

Leda McFadzean

OMG!!! What a change! This class has a lot of students in it, and I find the room very small for all the different personalities. But after I set the picture, the students were working with me instead of against me.

Vicki NationChair Mathematics Faculty
Billanook College

I have been teaching for four years, and this was the best Professional Development course I have completed…even the students said to me “you should do these things more often.

Ailie GrangerGriffith High School

Mike, awesome course, fantastic resources and a real wake-up for someone who considers himself technically astute but not necessarily updated!

Shaun HardyTechnological and Applied Studies Teacher
Coffs harbour High School

Today was amazing. By far the best PD I have done in my 5 years of Teaching.

Josh HardingHead of IT - Cobham Intermediate School

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced G Suite or Office 365 user? Our skills checklist will help you find out.



Are you at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level? This skills checklist will help you find out.

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