STEAM Ready Certified Program

Does your school have the building blocks to deliver an effective STEAM learning program for your students?

Are your staff ready for the new digital technologies curriculum in schools? 

During this one year training and support program...

You will:

  • Unpack our '9 Building Blocks of STEAM' for schools with goal setting and reflective practice.
  • Develop a well structured and easy to implement STEAM curriculum that supports your school's vision and unique culture.
  • See how STEAM can help your students be creative, communicative, collaborative and critical thinkers.
  • Have access to our recommended bank of 'Getting started with STEAM' resources and lesson plans for teachers.
  • Build internal strength and STEAM learning capability across ALL teachers and students.
  • Achieve our UTB STEAM Ready Certification for schools. 
  • You could also be called on as a future 'UTB STEAM Ready' showcase school.

You'll gain:

  • One half day with your Leadership Team for strategic planning and goal setting.
  • One personalised and targeted Staff Development Day where you will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of tools and platforms. 
  • Access to a community of online support for one of your STEAM Leadership team. They will have access to our library of resources and access to the UTB team to have their questions answered in a timely manner.
  • A thorough understanding of what tools are available and which ones will meet you curriculum goals.
  • The ability to stay updated on changes and new releases, evaluating them for their suitability before purchasing.
  • A free ticket to our STEAM Level 1 and 2 regional workshops.


When: 1 Year program including both online and face to face training and support.  

Your Program Facilitator - Mark Herring

Mark is a digital learning specialist and a full time trainer at Using Technology Better. Based in New Zealand with over 10 years experience as digital learning leader in schools, Mark understands what it takes to structure digital learning programmes that ‘flow’ and is known for demonstrating ‘creative learning’ approaches for maximum learning outcomes.  

Mark is an Apple PD Consultant, a Google Certified Educator, and experienced with STEAM education initiatives and strategies for the new digital curriculum for schools.