The easiest way to Sync Google Calendars And iCal

How To Sync Google Calendars And iCal on your iPhone or iPad

There are many ways to sync Google Calendars and iCal so that all your ‘i’ devices are always up to date.

As of today, Google have stopped supporting the mobile sync feature for new devices when using a personal account (it will still work for those who already have mobile sync installed and working).

If you have a Google Apps for Business or Education account you can continue to use Google Sync tool but there is an even easier way to sync your Google calendars and iCal on your iPad and iPhone (or both)

Google calendars and ical

Below is the easiest and most stable way to sync your Google Calendars and iCal:


Open settings on your iPad or iPhone


Click on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars button on the left hand side


You will see an accounts section that has iCloud, Exchange etc.  At the bottom of the Accounts section click on Add Account


Select the Gmail option


Enter in your details.  The email address is the email address that your calendars are associated with.

If you have several calendars associated with different Gmail accounts I would suggest you choose one Google account to be your primary account and then share all your calendars with that account.

When you do this, you can still see all your individual calendars but you can also make the most of the layering feature of Google Calendar where you can see multiple calendars all at the same time.

A couple of things to note:

1.  The name doesn’t have to be your actual name.  You can enter whatever you would like the recipient to see when they receive your email.

2.  If you use 2-step verification make sure you enter the application specific password, not your regular password in the password section


Click next at the top of the screen and wait for the account to be verified.  Once your account is verified you will see that you can turn the different Google products on or off.  Make sure that you have the calendar option turned on.


Open up your calendar on your device and the sync will automatically begin.

If you have multiple calendars…

If you have multiple calendars set up (even if they are in the same Google account) you will need to complete one more step.

If you have a personal account go to and select the calendars you would like to sync

If you have an Apps for Business or Education account you can go to, (replacing ‘your_domain’ with your actual domain name)

Once you have established the sync between Google calendars and iCal you will be able to update your calendars on any device and automatically transferred to all your devices.

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  • @MikeReading

    The easiest way to Sync Google Calendars And iCal #slide2learn


    The easiest way to Sync Google Calendars And iCal

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    The easiest way to Sync Google Calendars And iCal

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  • Trevor Davies

    Hi, I have set up my wife’s ipad to sync with my Google Calendar. But anything added to ical on the ipad does not sync with Google Calendar. It’s one way traffic so far.

    • Mike Reading

      Hi Trevor

      It’s a bit hard to know without knowing your settings.

      A couple of questions…

      Are you checking your primary calendar?
      Are you using a Gmail account or a Google Apps account?

      Try deleting the account on the iPad and then going through the setup process above and let me know how you go.

      • Trevor Davies

        Thanks for your reply Mike. It is my primary account on Google Calendar and it’s on a gmail account. I will try deleting and resetting the account. Wife does not like me messing with her ipad as invariably something else stops working! I did check that calendars is switched off in iCloud.

        • Trevor Davies

          I have noticed an awful lot of people have this problem. I would just switch to iCloud but I have an android phone and everyone says google is the best way to sync – even apple iPhone users. Btw, does ical have to be open on the ipad to sync up? Cheers

          • Mike Reading

            I’m not an expert in iOS – use an Android device…seems like there are a number of posts from around the 16th of June with similar problems. The Google support page found at doesn’t seem to have changed.

            You could search for the answer here!forum/calendar and post your question to the forum to see what they say.

            I would offer to contact support for you but I am just about to head overseas for a week. If you haven’t got a solution by the time I get back, we can get it solved ASAP.

  • Trevor Davies

    Also, I looked at the Google sync page. Funny thing, my main calendar is grayed out.

  • @jajuvera

    @CristiGrc Lo mejor es que sincronices tu iCal del iPhone con Google Calendar: