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An online course from Using Technology Better

You have too many emails in your inbox. You want to take back control of your time and productivity.  

It’s time to get SMART with your email!  

Get efficient with Gmail the SMART way will introduce you to a simple yet effective email management system that leverages the full power of Gmail to help you achieve Inbox Zero.  

Whether you’re a new or experienced Gmail user, this course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and strategies you need to keep your email under control! This course will help you if:

  • You are a busy professional who wants to spend less time wading through your inbox and more time focussing on your core business.
  • You have recently switched to Gmail from another email platform and are finding that your old email management strategies are no longer effective.
  • You have been using Gmail for a while, but feel that there must be a more efficient way to utilise its features.  

What you will learn in this course

This in-depth course includes nine video lessons with accompanying guides, cheat sheets, checklists and worksheets. After taking this course, you will:  

  • Be able to work fast and efficiently in Gmail. 
  • Understand the concepts and features that make Gmail unique, and how to use them to your advantage. 
  • Have customised the Gmail layout and settings to improve your efficiency. 
  • Have implemented simple strategies to organise your inbox and take some of the effort out of email management. 
  • Substantially reduce the number of emails in your inbox. You could be among the many who achieve Inbox Zero for the first time! 
  • Reduce the overall volume of emails you receive and stopped wasting time on unwanted or unnecessary emails. 
  • Reduce the stress and cognitive overload that comes from having too many emails in your inbox.
  • Reclaim the time you spend every day performing repetitive tasks in email. 
  • Begin opening your inbox with purpose and determination, rather than dread!  

Course preview

Watch this 4 minute video to learn more about UTB’s SMART system for Gmail and get a sneak peak at one of the lessons in Get efficient with Gmail the SMART way.  

Course presenters

Samantha Vardanega is the G Suite Lead Trainer at Using Technology Better. She has been providing training and support for G Suite since 2010, and is a Google Certified Trainer and Google Certified Innovator. 

Samantha has an extensive background in technology training and support, business analysis and change management. 

She partners with corporate, government and education clients across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia to help them get the most out of Google tools. 

Samantha’s in-depth knowledge of G Suite allows her to tackle even the most complicated questions or problems.

Laura Birchall is a Management Consultant specialising in change management and communications. 

She has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and is experienced in designing and delivering training programs in the public sector. 

Having recently led the change management program for a government agency's transition to G Suite, she has a great understanding of how users can get the most out of Google tools in the workplace.  

After registration you will receive immediate access to our SMART Gmail management system, including all of our training modules, tips and tricks.  

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