Chromebooks in Education Hangout with Adam Naor from Google - Google Apps For Education Tips & Tricks

Chromebooks in Education Hangout with Adam Naor from Google

On Wednesday this week I conducted a Google Plus Hangout (Hangout on Air) with Adam Naor.  Adam is head of Chromebooks in education for the Asia Pacific region.

In this Hangout Adam and I discuss why Chromebooks are such great tools for schools that are using, or considering the use of Google Apps For Education.

Chromebooks in Education Hangout

In this Chromebooks in Education Hangout, Adam demonstrates the Chrome management console and I discusses Chrome Web Apps and how to use them in the classroom.

The Chromebooks in Education video is longer than I would usually embed.  If you are short of time, I would suggest you check out the video highlights below.


During the Hangout I mention a Google Doc that I have put together with a list of Chrome Web Apps that we like.  You can access that Doc HERE



00:30 Your hosts today are Mike Reading from Teachers Training International and Adam Naor from Google

01:50 How to get more information from Mike or Adam

02:20 The value of the internet in education

07:43 Schools need devices that are built and optimised for the web

09:00 The main features of a Chromebook and why they matter to teachers and students

13:00 The management console introduction

17:15 Management Console Demonstration

18:10 How to manage students policies

18:40 Refresh rate on a Chromebook

19:30 The Chrome store and your devices

20:05 How to manage the security for your students

21:30 Customising the user experience

23:50 Deploying the Chromebook for the first time and how your students

26:50 Why Chromebooks get better over time & don’t deteriorate

28:35 Managing connections and networks

29:10 How to track each device and what is happening on that device

30:30 Connecting Chromebooks to a printer

31:00 What happens when someone logs out of a device that is set up to clear the cache?

33:00 Chrome Webstore Introduction

34:50 How to get a copy of a Google Doc with a list of Recommended Google Web Apps

35:55 How to do a screencast using a Chromebook

36:21 Video editing tools

37:05 The process of deciding if an App is worth using

38:57 A Chrome Web app to do screen captures

40:12 Flashcards

41:20 Check out

43:20 MindMapr

44:29 Chrome Speak

45:25 Read / Write

46:13 Pixlr

48:05 We discuss a schools BYOD options

48:30 Why I think Chromebooks are a better fit for HIgh Schools than the iPad

52:45 How to purchase Apps school wide and discounts available

53:55 Google play for education

55:06 How can your school run a trial of Chromebooks and where to purchase them

58:10 How Adam or myself can help you

1:00:18 How to contact Adam or myself

1:00:34 To register for our next Google Hangout go to

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