Why Become a UTB Certified Trainer

Watch this short video outlining the ways in which becoming a UTB Certified Trainer will help develop you as a teacher and trainer.  After watching the video and if you meet our requirements, click the send me more information button below.


Benefits of being a UTB Certified Trainer

This is not a typical program where you are required to spend hours studying, reading and writing reports.  

The certified trainer program is all about providing you with the knowledge, skills and training you need, when you need it so you can IMPLEMENT what you have learnt and reach your goals in less time.

Typically our trainers spend less than 1 hour per week engaging in the training videos, seeking advice in the forum and updating their goals in the accountability section. 

Live training webinars and update meetings

You will be given access to UTB Certified trainer meetings and trainer events. These events are not available to the public.

I will be available to answer your questions and equip you with the latest resources.

Save time and energy

We get it, you're busy!

When we surveyed schools and teachers about what is stopping them from reaching their technology goals, the overwhelming response was not enough time.

The program has been designed to increase your efficiency and effectiveness, enabling you to reach your goals.

Leverage our relationships with Google, Microsoft & Apple

Using Technology Better is the only company to have trainers who are accredited by all 3 of the major companies.  

We also have partnership agreements with Microsoft, Apple and Google.  You can leverage off these relationships to benefit your school.

Access to Online Resources

You are free to use any of the Online Resources developed by the UTB team.  

You will also have the opportunity to contribute your resources to the UTB community and gain feedback to further improve your skills.


Widely Recognised Certification

As a Certified Trainer, your school can be confident that you have received the very best trainer training available.

We will help you work towards your own certification goals with Google, Apple  & Microsoft


What Other Using Technology Better Certified Trainers Say About Being UTB Certified 

"Working with Mike and the Using Technology Better team has given me access to up to date training, certifications not available to the general public, advice on how to better prepare for my presentations as well as a wider perspective of what is happening with other schools and workplaces around Australia and the world.
My school has also benefited from the connections and relationships that have been established through UTB, giving us greater access to resources and tools."

Adrian Francis. Director Of Student Learning

"Working with the Using Technology Better Team has created great experiences for me.  I have presented at Google in Sydney as well as other schools around Australia.

-Eleni Kyritsis. Classroom Teacher

"Working with Mike and the UTB team has sharpened my thinking on how to best lead my school, as well as elevated my profile, and the profile of my school.  We have enjoyed hosting 2 events for other schools to come and see the great things that technology is enabling us to achieve."

-Blake Seufert. Systems Manager