Paperless and Organised with OneNote 30 Day Challenge

An online course from Using Technology Better  

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The 30 day efficiency challenge begins on 29 January


Do you want to save time, increase your efficiency and become more productive?  

The Paperless and Organised with OneNote 30 Day Challenge course will introduce you to a range of tips, tricks and strategies that can help you use OneNote efficiently and effectively.  

During this 30 day challenge you will:

Be guided by certified trainers

Our expert trainers will not only show you how improve your efficiency, they will be there every step of the way to encourage and support you.

Learn the following tips, tricks, and time saving habits

  • How to organise your OneNote for maximum efficency
  • How to go paperless the easy way
  • How to take your offline (printed) worksheets and convert them to data worksheets for your students.
  • How to stay organised and work the system 
laptop showing charts

Complete efficiency challenges 

Each module has a selection of challenges to demonsrate your mastery of the concet. 

You can complete some or all of the challenes, it is up to you.

What people say about 30 day challenges

"Great professional development. Just enough content in each module to learn well and graded challenges to practice your new knowledge. Love the fact I get recognition for the time spent learning. It's improved my workflow!" Lorraine - Mt Roskill Grammar.

This course helped me sort out my inefficiencies and set up a great workflow. I'm oing to save so much time using these techniques!

FAQ Why should I take this course? When we asked the teachers what their biggest challenge was in implementing technologies into their classrooms, the overwhelming response was lack of time. We developed the ‘Going Paperless and Getting Organised with Microsoft OneNote 30 Day Challenge’ course to help teachers and administration staff learn how to save time with Microsoft OneNote. 

By helping you become more efficient and productive with OneNote, we hope you can free up more time to spend on high-value tasks within your school communities.  

Do I need prior experience with OneNoe? No. The lessons assume that you may have opened OneNote, but haven’t fully explored or experienced OneNote’s functionality.  

Do I receive a certificate for this course? Yes. Your certificate can include up to 7 hours of professional development. The number of hours we certify you for is based on how many video lessons you watch and how many efficiency challenges you complete.  

How long will I have to complete the course? In keeping with the theme of a 30 day challenge, the course materials and challenges will be available for 30 days only. You must finish all viewings and challenges within the 30 days to complete the course and obtain the professional development hours. However, you do not have to spend the full 30 days on the course, you can work through the materials as quickly as you like!  

What will happen after I register? After you register we will email you a payment receipt and all the information you need to access the course. 

What technology do I need to access the challenge? You will need access to the internet and a comfy chair. Pyjamas and a refreshing beverage are optional :) For devices we recommend you use a Mac or PC to access the training.  

How do I contact Using Technology Better if I have another question? Please feel free to contact us here.  

Just $29