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What our clients say about us

“Teacher Dashboard is essential for using Google Apps in the classroom. Everything is right there in one centralized location. I don’t know how we managed without it. ”

James SandersInnovation Manager KIPP Bay Area Schools

My teachers adore Teacher Dashboard. In a year with tons of huge changes, most teachers have seen this as low hanging fruit. It was worth their time to learn how to use it because it is so easy to use and so useful. Thanks for a great product.


Thank you Mike! I really found the 4 week course on ‘How to Motivate, Manage & Engage Your Students’ really interesting and great food for thought on how to improve my class routines and student engagement. I look forward to the next sessions with the technology course.

Kiki TsoliBankstown Senior College

Just replayed last week’s session and enjoyed it just as much second time around. This is a great facility!

No Author

Where was this kind of training when I did my Bachelor of teaching???

Ken SullivanSunning Hill School
(Juvenile Correctional Centre)

I just wanted to say an extra big thank you for providing such a great service. Online, at night and in the comfort of home – with my two young children asleep in the other room – pretty awesome actually. It was very engaging and entertaining.

Leda McFadzean

OMG!!! What a change! This class has a lot of students in it, and I find the room very small for all the different personalities. But after I set the picture, the students were working with me instead of against me.

Vicki NationChair Mathematics Faculty
Billanook College

I have been teaching for four years, and this was the best Professional Development course I have completed…even the students said to me “you should do these things more often.

Ailie GrangerGriffith High School

Mike, awesome course, fantastic resources and a real wake-up for someone who considers himself technically astute but not necessarily updated!

Shaun HardyTechnological and Applied Studies Teacher
Coffs harbour High School

Today was amazing. By far the best PD I have done in my 5 years of Teaching.

Josh HardingHead of IT - Cobham Intermediate School

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